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Since quite a long time from now Luddites inaccurately expected that robotics will make an extensive unemployment issue yet those predictions might at last emerge as inventive organizations have progressively joined human information with machines for refined and advanced results.  Innumerable information has been provided to the computers to do things that we used to do. Simple things like calculations, solving a game problem for example playing chess and cards are

an easy job now as the computer tells which step to take. We no longer have to use our precious energy and brains. The extraordinary aptitude of man delivering and transferring all his intelligence to a machine and hoping it will use it ‘well’ just an epitome of utopia. Our jobs are very much taken over by the computer because we are lazy enough to do it ourselves. Just like playing the board games apparently on computer. What good does that do?

We are not using our skills instead we are making a machine play on behalf of use because we are too lethargic to complete it ourselves. The other day I was reading this new research that the machines made at Kiva and Rethink have been smartly composed and are invented to work with people assuming control over the work that people frequently would prefer not to do or aren’t mainly good at. They are in particular to intend to upgrade these employees’ profit. An assumption is that this act may direct the expert occupations be more powerless. I find it really absurd because we are becoming useless with every passing second and I think in less than a couple of years the world will be taken over by computers and we humans will be kept at museums on display.

Our work is taken over by a man made machine. We operate the computer whereas with the current scenario the computers are operating us.

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