Android Lollipop

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Android Lollipop

Android L has been stirring up a storm amongst Android fans ever since its announcement and rightly so as it’s an operating system that is filled to the brim with amazing features and improves on its predecessors in various different ways.

The first major change that you’ll notice in Android L is that the visual outlook has been given a complete overhaul which has been termed as ‘Material Design’. The user-interface looks incredibly sleek and a lot more appealing than ever before thanks to enhanced visual effects and fluid animations that combine to make this version of Android a sight to behold.

Speaking in terms of improvements, Android L has put a lot of emphasis on improving the battery life of the platform in various ways. Simply put, this has been done by optimising the way in which the device utilises its power which goes a long way in making sure that no power is wasted. The OS also packs in an enhanced battery saving feature that allows you to get up to a whole extra hour of battery life from your phone which is quite substantial. Overall, the aspect of battery life has definitely seen some serious polishing this time around.

Aside from just looking pretty and giving longer battery life, Android L is really convenient to navigate around which is especially true for its notifications. The notification bar has been revamped completely and the best part is that you can manage your notifications directly from the lock-screen which can save a fair bit of time. You also have complete control and are freely able to choose what notifications appear on the lock-screen.

Last but not certainly not least, Android Lollipop switches over from the Dalvik engine to ART which leads to a ton of performance improvements in the OS. Representatives of Google have stated that ART has the potential to be four times as fast as the previous Dalvik engine which is quite a massive improvement.

All things considered, the latest iteration of Google’s popular operating system definitely shows promise thanks to all the new features and improvement it has managed to bring in.

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