• Android Lollipop
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    Android Lollipop

    Android L has been stirring up a storm amongst Android fans ever since its announcement and rightly so as it’s an operating system that is filled to the brim with amazing features and improves on its predecessors in various different ways. The first major change that you’ll notice in Android L is that the visual outlook has been given a complete overhaul...

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  • Microsoft swapping out the infamous Internet Explorer for a completely new browser in Windows 10
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    Microsoft swapping out the infamous Internet Explorer for a completely new browser in Windows 10

    There’s no denying the fact that for the past couple of years, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has received a ton of flak from pretty much everyone who has ever used it. The browser has been plagued with countless issues for a long time now for instance it’s a massive resource hog, loads pages relatively slow and is overall lackluster in terms of performa...

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  • Bitnbits – Introduction
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    Bitnbits – Introduction

    This post-modern era has given a whole new spectrum to take things to the next level. This technological determinism has influenced over the evolution of humanity and has changed the outlook of the social structure; giving it more medium to convey the message and providing open space for free communication. BitnBits.com inclination towards the immediacy to...

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  • Internet Piracy and Hollywood
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    Internet Piracy and Hollywood

    Internet piracy being an unlawful reproduction and distribution of some copyrighted digital document/file changing hands over the internet; though it is known as a crime globally but people are engaged in conducting such operations entirely on the web cloud and advertises there as well. This sharing of documents and other programs has always been a subjec...

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