How to work with twitter as a social media channel

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How to work with twitter as a social media channel


Today is the trend of twitter and it is increasing day by day, in research it was noticed that the twitter is more powerful and having more number of users as compare to Facebook and you can directly contact to anyone. Here I am going to share some technical tricks to use the twitter for the lead generation.

As you have created the content for website blog and share it on Facebook and runs campaign in the same manner you have to use the existing post by shortening the link size by using google shortner or more tools. Once you will get the link shorten, start writing a description which will give an introduction about your post and use the description before the link.

There is a need of eye catching image which makes your post attractive so that people will the like you, retweet you and be favorite you.

When you shared the post always use the relevant hash tagging words for example if your post is about the marketing so you can use #marketing. It will help you to provide the organic traffic which is really interested to know about the related information.

Once they starting liking and favorited your tweet you can contact them directly that if they needs there help or assistance. I assure you will get customers using twitter as there are many of the business marketers who are using the same methods and they generate enough leads to be appreciated by the company.

Try it yourself to see the results. Happy posting!

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