Internet Piracy and Hollywood

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Internet Piracy and Hollywood

Internet piracy being an unlawful reproduction and distribution of some copyrighted digital document/file changing hands over the internet; though it is known as a crime globally but people are engaged in conducting such operations entirely on the web cloud and advertises there as well.

This sharing of documents and other programs has always been a subject to obtain a big deal of scrutiny. This act can be said as an illegal way of copying, downloading and even installing some file/music/movie and others.

Unlike other countries in the United States of America downloading stuff from the internet for personal use without paying a single penny is crime.

Though the country has passed several acts against the internet piracy but it is still very much in practice in Hollywood especially.

An article in The Guardian talks about internet piracy. The title itself depicts how much is Hollywood affected by the laws issued by the government against this crime. According to the director Lexi Alexander, piracy is necessary and does not hurt revenues while criticising the Motion Picture Association of America on piracy claiming. 

As they talk about piracy killing Hollywood’s golden goose is all lie because it is the Hollywood which is killing its own security.

I was reading this latest news in the technology today’s section and was amazed to know that latest manufactured laptops do not have a DVD slot which eases up the audience to download pirated version of movies, music and other related stuff.

It looks of extra benefits to Hollywood and studios when a movie is rented online which not much of advantage for the customer. The online version has deleted scenes, incomplete movie and majority of the times the new movie takes almost two to three months to be rented online that too with a good quality print.

If Hollywood does not make the thing available in its best shapes legally for the audiences then I think it is on Hollywood’s part that they are encouraging people to download stuff for free.

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