Keywords density in website to be optimize for SEO

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Keywords density in website to be optimize for SEO


As everyone knows that the SEO is changed forever in the present years, even it has been shown in many platforms that the content of the website must be written for the readers not for the search engines and that is the best part of SEO to optimize the website for a great content.

But I know you guys are things that if you don’t use keywords in the content so how the search engine can find your website for the relevant results. Let me clear you that to write content for reader never means that there is no use of keywords in the content, they actually means that you can use keywords in the content in manner that it can looks original. In the previous year people keep repeated the number of keywords again and again in the same content which is actually the optimization of the content for SEO and that trick does not work anymore in the modern age.

If you want some kind of example to know about which type of content they are talking about simple see your daily newspaper and read their news that how they write so it looks original.

I am going to tell you how to use your keywords into your web content. You can use the h1 tag with the broken keyword. For example you are optimizing for SEO services so you can use SEO word in the heading of the H1 tag, after giving this heading, you to describe it that the concepts of the reader will be cleared. To describe further you can use H2 tag but it should be clear that you cannot use the word SEO here because it was written previously. You can use here the relevant word like link building or onpage optimization which is the part of the link building and so on.

Describe your content in well manner and don’t go with the size of the content people like to read lengthy juicy information to polish their mind and to get idea for as a solution.

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