Microsoft swapping out the infamous Internet Explorer for a completely new browser in Windows 10

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Microsoft swapping out the infamous Internet Explorer for a completely new browser in Windows 10

There’s no denying the fact that for the past couple of years, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has received a ton of flak from pretty much everyone who has ever used it. The browser has been plagued with countless issues for a long time now for instance it’s a massive resource hog, loads pages relatively slow and is overall lackluster in terms of performance. Internet Explorer has always been a step behind its competition and some have even termed it as the ‘web browser people use to download better browsers’.

Despite the fact that every new iteration of Internet Explorer brought new features into the mix and made multiple improvements on its predecessor, the browser has received so much negative response over the years that it seems like no matter how much Microsoft can improve it, people still won’t both to use it because of the reputation Internet Explorer has built for itself.

Fortunately, it seems like Microsoft themselves are realizing that this road leads nowhere good so they’re ditching the browser altogether in Windows 10 and replacing it with a new (hopefully better) web browser which right now is known by the name of ‘Spartan’.

From what information is out so far, Spartan seems to be a promising browser and definitely a worthy replacement to the Internet Explorer. Spartan reportedly has all the things that users around the world have been asking for over the years such as a sleek interface similar to that of Google Chrome and it won’t take a toll on your system’s resources.

Spartan will reportedly use Microsoft’s Chakra JavaScript Engine and also their Trident Rendering Engine so it is definitely showing some serious promise from what we know so far.

All things considered, the decision to swap out Internet Explorer for a new browser seems to be a good one but only time will tell whether Spartan will be able to live up to the hype and give browsers like Chrome or Firefox some competition.

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