Search Engine Optimization Reborn in 2015

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Search Engine Optimization Reborn in 2015


In the present year of 2015, the history of link building is changed forever. In the old years we use to generate back links or try to get by every possible means and the best part was that the higher the number of links the higher will be the search engine rankings. It was a main cause of tons of link spam which is beneficial for some time but once the update from the search engine rolling out the website loose it ranking forever as it is banned by the search engines.

online-content-creationIn the present year search engines are looking for the creative content which can educate people or can be able to solve their problems, so that people loves to read it and gives priority to the content to share with their friends, family and others so that they read and share and the process goes on which causes high number of page views. This process is counting in link earning.

But do you know how to create a content that attracts people? Well, it’s a big question and the main part of the strategy. To create content you should have to focus on the industry for which you are writing content for it. The content must be relevant to the service website. For example if you have a marketing website you should have to focus on the problems for company to run its marketing department successfully or how they can market their products in market with the easy steps. Here you need to do some research before writing content. The information you will write will be on point and has the results. Research is the necessary thing to do to write a creative content but it should be noted that the you have the write the original which will never been published before. Don’t rewrite others content.

Describe each and every thing in the content may resulting for the concept clearance of the reader.  It may be based on 1000 to 1500 words; the greater the content the greater will be the chances to rank higher in search engines resulting in traffic from search engines.
Once you write the content the second step will be to share the content with the general public so that they can see, read and like it. You have to choose the platform that can do so for your content sharing with general public. Usually people use Facebook, twitter to target the market place. A Facebook campaign costing about $20 to $30 will be enough for the creative content to start liking and sharing process. You have set you budget, target market and time on which the content will be published. Use a image also with the post and if necessary use a video in your content so it will get more attraction of the people.

The process of content creation and marketing is the new SEO services which is followed by almost every successful online business marketer in the modern age. Try it yourself to see the results, how content is powerful to convert your readers into happy customers. Thanks for your time to read our research.

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